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The foundation sponsered a three-days workshop organized by OWEN e.V. ( mobile academy for gender-democracy and peace) together with other co-partners and with female activists from the Russian Federation and from Southern Caucasus. The meeting took place from October 10th to 12th 2014 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The title of the meeting was: „Empowerment for women activists fighting for peace in post-Soviet-Union regions in crisis and war areas: Review and perspectives.“

Up to now OWEN organized several projects in cooperation with women's NGO'S for peace, as for example „Peace Dialogue“, „network for peace – Omnibus1325“ as well as with activists from regions in crisis, in order to create political structures and networks in favour of civil societies. The workshop is part of long-term political engagement-scheme. Beside the NGO's from the Russian Federation, from Armenia and Azerbaidschan, the delegates in charge of gender politics of the regional bureaus of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation in Kiew and Tbilisi participated as well.


International conference with tour of women's projects in March 15th and 16th 2013 in Istanbul and in November 22nd and 23rd 2013 in Berlin

The view of emancipated women in Turkey and Germany at Europe

An event in cooperation with the bureau of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Istanbul

German and Turkish scientists, journalists, politicians and political activists have been inviteded to participate at our conferences in Istanbul and Berlin to explore current developments of gender policies in both countries and to discuss whether the EU-policies concerning gender equality are still playing a role as a major impulse for gender equality in the member countries. The two public evening events have been concerned with current questions of women's movements in Germany and Turkey, as for example in the Gezi-Park and the Blockupy movement. Another part of the conferences in Berlin and Istanbul have been visits at numerous women's projects and - in Berlin - there has also been a tour of the Reichstagskuppel.

With these two correlating events we want to make a contribution to a deeper understanding of gender equality from a Turkish as well as a German perspective.


Symposium on January 15 and 16, 2010

"Das gefühlte und das proklamierte Europa - Was haben Europäerinnen von der EU zu erwarten?"
(Europe Sensed vs. Europe Proclaimed - What can European Women Expect from the EU?)

An event in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Hessen at the Haus am Dom, Frankfurt/Main

Starting point for the Symposium is a degree of fatigue towards Europe, specifically regarding gender and equal opportunities policies. These days the EU and the EU Parliament are lacking faces, voices and a political agenda with utopian potential, which could be mobilised in favour of gender democracy and emancipatory processes. In face of the current economic and financial crisis this seems problematic to us.

With this event we wish to face up to these questions with contributions from the fields of science, culture and gender-policy.


"Kulturen der Selbstständigkeit - Frauen im erweiterten Europa"
(Cultures of Self-Reliance - Women in Enlarged Europe)

Symposium with Exhibition on January 19/20, 2008, at Römer 9, Frankfurt/Main (in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Hessen, the Frankfurt based foundation maecenia, and the Evangelische Stadtakademie in Frankfurt.)

„Krumen vom Tisch“ – Bilder und Zeichnungen von Indrė Šataitė, Litauen
(Crumbs from the Table - Paintings and Drawings by Indrė Šataitė, Lithuania)

Exhibition from January 18 to February 9, 2008, at the Römer 9, Frankfurt/Main (in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Hessen, the Frankfurt based foundation maecenia and the Evangelische Stadtakademie in Frankfurt.)


Frauen im erweiterten Europa
(Women in Enlarged Europe)

Symposium and inaugural event of the Foundation Women in Europe on November 18 and 19, 2005, at the Karmeliterkloster, Frankfurt/Main (in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Hessen).


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